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Confused about what Study Course to choose?

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Why do Grade 8 – O-Level students need career counselling?

  • The O-Level class is the first step in planning your child’s career.
  • Choosing the right stream at O-Levels and A-Levels determines your child’s career path.
  • Realizing this later in life can leave you feeling frustrated and with fewer options in making a career switch.
  • We help youngsters realize what they can learn best through a reliable and scientific aptitude and personality test that guides your child in choosing the right career while keeping the flexibility of building a career around it.

How we help Students:

  • We have face to face counselling sessions where we understand the students’ interests, strengths and weaknesses, talents, ambitions and preferences.
  • The student takes the psychometric test. This helps us to identify the personality, aptitude and interests of the student.
  • We help the student identify the best career for them based on their interests and aptitudes.
  • We will help students understand the subjects and courses the student needs to pick within each stream.
  • We have sessions on the topics below

Why do A-Level students need career counseling?

Teenage years are one of the most confusing time periods of human life as you transition from being a child to being a young adult with responsibilities in life.

  • Choosing your career and study course can be overwhelming not only for the child but for the parents as well. Don’t worry! Our team of experts is here to help.
  • It is important to choose wisely to minimize a negative impact later down the road.
  • First, know yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, aptitudes, and interests. Take a personality test and talk to the experts.
  • Avoid blindly following friends by selecting courses and careers they pick.
  • Avoid selecting courses based on what your parents or teachers pick for you.

How we help Students:

  • Evaluate your true potential with our range of psychometric tests for A-Level students.
  • We will guide you to select the right study course for you based on your interests, aptitude, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • We provide insight on career options to broaden your mind on the opportunities available.
  • Help you select the right colleges and universities locally and abroad.
  • Guide you in transitioning from school to university
  • Motivation and goal setting

Why should your child take this program?

#1 Know the right stream for your child

Guide your child to select the right combination of subjects for O-levels or A-levels depending on their interests and aptitude. 

#2 Reach the dream career

Be ahead of others in achieving your dream career with our specialists with 500+ vocation choices based on your stream choice.

#3 How important are your results?

Learn how a good O-level or A-level score will reflect your course selection and career in the future.

#4 Know you skills and careers

Explore careers that will grow exponentially in the next decade. Be informed of the skills and qualifications needed for careers that will grow in the next decade.

#5 Career advisors

Discuss and plan your career starting during your O-levels to have a more focused career path.

#6 Must have extra curricular activities

Learn how extra curricular activities will give you an added advantage in career development.

Our Range of psychometric tests.